Workplace learning

A complex world demands the ability to improvise

We offer highly interactive and creative professional development that:

– elevates communication and leadership skills
– builds highly collaborative and influential teams
– brings organisational values to life

We believe that people learn best from direct experience and in relationship.

So our approach to training is all about creating space for real human connection so people can learn for themselves. We use creative facilitation and applied improvisation to create powerful learning that is imaginative, immediate, whole-hearted, co-creative and fun.

Drop us a line to talk about how we can support your team or group.

Popular programmes

Some clients we have worked with

Feedback from staff is always amazing…”
Emma Ratzer MBE, Access
Feedback from staff is always amazing…”
Emma Ratzer MBE, Access
“Imaginative, immediate, whole-hearted and fun.”
Jim Massey | VP | AstraZeneca
“A rare combination of insightful thinking and a highly emotionally intelligent way of working”
Liz Barnard
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Open sessions & workshops

Orca teamwork

Creative learning

Our clients tell us they want training that feels light, goes deep and where the learning sticks.

So we use an arts-and-science approach to expand the skills, habits, behaviours and beliefs that helps people to be here and now so they can do their best work. 

We use an active form of training that lets people move, talk, laugh, create, collaborate, play, make, experiment and rest, relax, reflect, explore, and simply be here and now. 

 Our learning experiences are a rich mix of:

  • Creative intent: using the generative crafts of improv & story
  • Mindful awareness: opening up and letting go together
  • Solutions focus: using what you have, where you are
  • Sense making: guided by what brings more of us to life

And by making space for lots of practice and reflection you’ll be able to apply the learning in everyday life, in work and at home.

We also offer

Wellbeing sessions

Playful, mindful and humorous sessions that support calmness, confidence and connection.

Playful coaching

Online coaching with playful activities to help you bring more of yourself to life.

Keynote Speaking

Interactive talks for large groups about being present and half a shade braver in the moment.

Let's make it easy

Start before you’re ready.

If you want to see if we have a chemistry match then let’s do something together.

We can run an introductory training or wellbeing session so you can experience Here and Now People at work. Intro sessions are available at a reduced rate.

Suggested topics are:

  • being here and now
  • listening to understand
  • personal flexibility

What's the one thing...

What skills would help your group or team to navigate uncertainty and do their best work?

Let’s figure it out together and get to know each other a little better on a virtual call, or over a coffee.

If that sounds appealing, just get in touch.

Feels light, goes deep

Training with Here and Now People doesn’t look or sound like regular training. Everyone gets to move, connect and contribute and we don’t use tables, lectures or lots of content. It’s a focused experience in the moment.

We take pride in creating experiences where people can laugh and learn in a happy, productive state of flow. But don’t be deceived by appearances. Training with a light touch can be profoundly rich and when people are laughing that means they are attentive, connecting and learning.

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