What inspires us?

We’re inspired by the questions ‘What’s possible right here, right now?’ and ‘Why not now?’ 

We find that when people are present and connected to each other, pretty much anything is possible.

If we can enjoy being here & now, maybe we won’t need to wreck the planet.

We’re passionate about creating a present for the future, and we do our thing in the workplace and in community.

Our focus is on helping people to expand awareness, feel more connection and enjoy life as a creative adventure. It’s a creative antidote to the doubt, fear, boredom, ego-centrism, and overseriousness we all suffer from. 

We hop across art, science, business, and mindfulness to offer learning experiences with humour, story, movement, spontaneity and surprise.

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Who's behind all this?

Alex Menhams


I’ve been a creative facilitator and learning designer for longer than my fresh-faced looks might suggest. I’ve got around a bit and worked in this fairly niche job with people all over the world.

I’m a heart-led leader, an activist for a better worlda gardener, a student of Eastern spiritual ecology, a husband, father of two girls. 

Seven years ago I signed up for an improvisation class and it changed my life. I discovered a deeply human art, an amazing community, and a practice that helps people learn whatever they need. 

So I’ve been learning to improvise ever since. Taking classes all over the place, including applied-life improvisation workshops. What started out as running a few evening classes in my local community with Justine De Mierre has now become Here & Now and my main project in life.

The best advice I ever got was ‘Never hide your seriously playful soul.’ So that’s how I try to show up. I know self-doubt, fear and perfectionism, and I try to help others find the possibilities that lie beyond.

Confession: I’m more interested in the rehearsal space for improvisation than performance. I love both and I do perform from time to time, but more than anything I’m hooked on the deep learning that happens in the rehearsal space. For me, it’s transformational.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn or contact me to chat about what we could do together. 

Or find out more about my work as creative facilitator and story consultant on alexmenhams.com.

Magic network

Here & Now is just one tiny part of a network of people who are up to something good with creative learning using improvisation, mindfulness, movement and story.

We’re proud to collaborate with a lively bunch of improvisers, thinkers, storytellers, scientists, strategists, academics, facilitators, pirates, vagabonds, misfits and mindfulness teachers.

Some of the best teachers in the world of improvisation have given classes through Here & Now, so stay tuned for more awesome classes, courses and workshops with guest teachers coming up!

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