Improvise with us!

Joyful & mindful improv

Spend more time laughing, connecting and creating in the here & now.

Improvisation is for everyone, and it's a way of living a more spontaneous, courageous and inspired life.

Join our fun and friendly community for drop-in classes and shows in Woodbridge and Ipswich in Suffolk.

Simply be here & now

Connect with yourself, others, the world and life itself.

Improvisation is an expression of collective joy, and it can help you to be fully present in mind, body and spirit. 

It’s not about being funny, but it is often hilarious. It’s about being open and playful with this curious thing we call life.

"Never hide your seriously playful soul."
Janeena Sims, Park Sims
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“"I adored my time at your classes!"
Local Student, Rosanna Moor
"Brings out the best in people, within and without.”
Dave Hampton, Champions FOR Earth
"What a great group. Absolutely loved it."
Local student | Jamie Wood
“Original thinking and a true partner."
Jim Massey | VP | AstraZeneca
“Feedback is always amazing.”
Emma Ratzer MBE | CEO | ACT
“I was blown away with a fun, creative process.”
Neil Prem | Director | Allia
“Very impressed... a great sense of humour.”
James Cretney | CEO | Marwell Zoo
"That was a total joy! So many great moments!"
Audience member
"An exceptionally engaging coach. I always leave feeling uplevelled and energised."
Georgie Dickins, CEO - Women in Leadership Global
“Captured the imagination of everyone involved”
Hannah Pearse | University of Suffolk
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What's on

Workplace learning

Training programmes

Real-life learning with improvisation and story for more presence and connection in leadership, teamwork and creativity.

Wellbeing Sessions

Playful and mindful experiences that help people to feel more calm, confident and connected in everyday life.

Keynote Speaking

Interactive talks that get people moving, laughing, connecting and joining the dots with the bigger picture.


Explore life, love and laughter with joyful & mindful improvisation.

Classes and courses with Here & Now People help you reclaim your spontaneity and express yourself in a way that feels natural and unhurried.

We also perform improvised shows and our next one is on Friday 7th July in Woodbridge, Suffolk and you can get tickets here.


Classes & Courses

Get involved in a creative community.


Join us for a live improvised show. 


Practice being half a shade braver.

A few ideas

“Connection is why we are here, it gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”
Brené Brown
"Suddenly we are there, fully present in the here & now."
Thich Nhat Hahn
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"We need to learn to live in the here & now. This moment is the best moment. Live it fully."
Satish Kumar
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"Be completely engaged with what you are doing and instead of calling it work, realise it is play."
Alan Watts
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"The here & now is all we have and if we play it right it's all we need.
Ann Richards
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