Smile more, stress less in our friendly improv community.

The jackpot

When you discover improvisation you hit the jackpot for creating, laughing and learning with other people.

What, me improvise?!

Improvising is what we do as humans. It makes us feel alive, and gives us the power to change.

So let’s play with this super ability to live in real time. Let’s do it joyfully, do it mindfully, and be half-a-shade braver in the conversation with life.

There are different styles of improvisation. In this one you don’t have to be funny. Or clever, or an actor, or try hard, or do it right. 

Just show up as a regular human, take a breath or two, and join us in the here & now.

What's On

Here & Now offers a range of classes, courses and weekend workshops. Everyone is welcome and there’s no pressure to perform on stage. The practice space is somewhere you can hand out and explore for as long as you like.

You can join us in-person or online, or even bring us into your workplace.

See What’s On for details (above) or drop us a line.



We perform regular improvised shows, mostly in our home town of Woodbridge in Suffolk, UK but also in pubs and theatres further afield. 

Our next show is called ‘Theatresports’ and is on Friday 7th July near Woodbridge. Tickets are available from the What’s On page.

Some videos from recent shows

Story with random words

Hip hop track about knitting

Movie quotes scene

Fishing scene

Car wash scene into song

Actor’s nightmare

Workplace learning

Maybe we could do something with your team or group at work? We create engaging learning experiences that open up new possibilities for creativity, teamwork and leadership.

Personal coaching

If you’d like to more creativity, spontaneity and courage in life but you don’t want to come to a class, that’s OK, you can fly solo with personal coaching that uses playful and mindful improv activities.


Improv for the spirit.

More than an art form, improvisation is the sweet spot between connected presence and creative intent.

There’s solid science emerging that shows that being present-minded can improve empathy, flexibility, confidence, wellbeing, playfulness and increase tolerance for uncertainty.

Combining improvisation with mindful awareness practices expands our natural capacity for being present-minded. And that’s good for the spirit!

"Infectious enthusiasm and a talent for helping people get in touch with their creativity."
"Thank you for inviting us! We had an absolute blast and laughed the whole way through. What a great group. Absolutely loved it!"
"That was a total joy! So many great moments. I feel blessed to have found you!”
"Improv feels a bit like jumping off a cliff and discovering a massive ball pit at the bottom!"
"My first experience of this kind of thing live and I really enjoyed it”
Audience member
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Improvisation is anything that happens in the moment without a fixed plan or script. Life, basically.

At Here & Now we explore improvisation in several ways:

1. As a way of making your own entertainment
Through classes where we explore 
games, scenes, stories, songs and even make up whole plays on the spot.

2. As a rehearsal room for essential skills
Through playful experiential learning activities that enhance creativity, teamwork and leadership.

3. As a way of being fully present here & now
Through awareness practices that open up the space beyond ego, fear and doubt. Om!

Jill Bernard and Patrick Short’s definition of improvisation as ‘A highly refined system for observing, connecting and responding.’ 

To put it another way it’s all about opening up, noticing more, letting go and using what’s there. As improvisers say “Everything’s an offer.”

More than an art form, improvisation is a way of enjoying and experimenting with playful, creative, authentic human connection. At least it is the way we do it. 

The rehearsal room for improvisation offers a place to hang out, play and learn without needing to be perfect. Our style of improvisation is joyful & mindful. It’s not about schlocky-gags, clever-cleverness, witty lines, or showing off or being funny. It’s about showing up as an actual human being here & now with other people who are doing the same. 

That makes it compelling, funny, surprising all at once, and without even trying.

As an artform it’s an way of making your own entertainment, which is what everyone did down the pub in the good old days. 

In our classes (usually 10-12 people) you’ll learn how to feel & perform your best in improvised games, scenes, stories and longer forms where a group put on a 20+ minute show. Guided by our teachers you’ll discover how to make scenes that are easy and delightful with quick agreement and playful co-operation. 

Every class starts and ends with a check in so we meet as real humans and keep it relaxed and real. We make time for personal and group reflection so you can learn from what’s happening. And we’ll work on atomic skills and habits for staying centred, listening, feeling feelings, and including other people in our space (and more).

If you are taking a beginners course, you’ll find there is a lot more to improv than ‘Whose line is it anyway?’ style games. We play some of these games for kicks, and we also enjoy a style of play where characters and stories emerge naturally and bring even greater delight.

Spending time with open-minded and open-hearted people is highly addictive. Most people who do a beginners improv class with us go on to do more classes!

Improvisation is for everyone. The simple joy of reclaiming you natural spontaneity is perfect for finding new inspiration in life.

You don’t need to be funny. Or fast. Or clever. Or an actor. Or good at it. Or anything else that might hold you back.

Ultimately it’s just people being present in the moment, connecting as best they can and all sorts of fun things happen as a result.

Our regular classes are open to absolutely anyone aged 18 and over. We also work with young people and schools so let us know if you have a group who would like to try this.

We only use accessible venues that are suitable for wheelchairs, and we make sure activities can be adapted to suit people’s physical needs.

Community. Community. Community. Improvisers are a lovely bunch. Generous. Playful. Kind. 

Learning to improvise is a way to:

– have fun with like-minded, open-hearted people

– share and express your thoughts and feelings 

– find renewed inspiration for your creativity

– reduce social anxiety, fear and doubt

– increase tolerance for uncertainty

You’ll learn how to make your own entertainment with other people. Netflix has nothing on this. As a creative art, you’ll learn about playing improvised games with good energy and commitment, make productive and enjoyable moves in scenes, and creating satisfying human stories. 

At a more fine-grained level, improvisation is a practice space where you are safe to experiment and express yourself which makes it an oblique way to learn ways of:

• Listening and being present in the moment

 Accepting offers from other people

• Genuinely supporting other people’s contributions

• Expressing yourself with more freedom

• Flexing between attention and open awareness

• Trusting your instincts and acting on impulse

• Noticing your self-talk and quieting the inner critic

• Playing a part in a co-creative process 

• Having more confidence in your own ideas

• Being more flexible and adaptable

• Not taking yourself (of life) too seriously

• Using humour to reframe situations

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