Wellbeing sessions

Our wellbeing sessions help people to:

Stress less & smile more

Wellbeing sessions with Here & Now People are a playful and mindful way for people to come together and learn while laughing.

We use improv-inspired activities that help people to feel more present and self-confident in the conversation with life.

What happens in a wellbeing session

Playful activities

Move out of your comfort zone while laughing, in a safe ‘rehearsal space’ for life.

Shared discoveries

Discover skills and tools that help you be more present, connected and engaged.

Great conversations

Explore what you are learning and how you can apply it in everyday life.

Where it fits

Our wellbeing sessions feel light and enjoyable

We use deceptively simple activities that help people engage in the present moment. 

These activities create a rich space where people can learn about themselves in relationship with others through direct experience. It’s a playful and mindful way to learn about  flexibility, freedom and focus. 

Our root practices are improvisation, mindfulness, movement and story, and we use these to create a safe, friendly space in which anyone can experiment and have fun.

“That was an absolute joy.”
“I adored my time at your classes.”
“Cheaper than therapy and probably more effective.”
“I really didn’t think this would work.”
“Like jumping off a cliff and landing in a massive ball pit.”
“I found it quite moving actually.”
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Let's do something

We run wellbeing sessions in person, on Zoom and in green outdoor spaces. These can be one-off sessions at away days or events, or a series of sessions to go a bit deeper.

Every session with Here & Now People is designed for the format it is delivered in, and tailored to meet the needs of the group, and the mood on the day.

Get in touch if you’d like us to do something with your group or team.

We offer

Wellbeing sessions

Bring your group together for a wellbeing session they will remember, in person or online. Or book a series of sessions to go deeper.

The Lizard Push Up

5 x 15 minute online sessions in a week. Each session helps people to reconnect and feel reenergised like a tiny lizard push up.

Personal coaching

Our coaching for individuals is an online ‘practice space’ for expanding confidence, connection, calm, and creativity.


Listen to Episode 4 of Do Well: The Slow Clap Movement

Wellbeing live show

Fancy doing something a bit different?

What about a live improvised  show about wellbeing. We’ll act out your suggestions for what helps or hinders wellbeing in a 15-30 minute show made up on the spot. 

Just drop us a line to find out more.

Fancy a deeper dive?

Let’s talk about wellbeing.

Our approach is a little different, so we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

It’s not therapy, but there are some parallels with cognitive behavioural therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and brief solutions-focused approaches.

If you’d like to chat, just drop us a line.

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