Personal coaching

Discover new possibilities for confident self-expression.

Personal coaching with Here & Now is a playful way of learning about yourself through moment-by-moment experience.

It’s the difference between knowing you need to let go, and practicing letting go. Or knowing you need to have courage and practicing being half a shade braver.

Expand your performance anytime, anywhere

Bring yourself to life through playful and embodied coaching. 

Working together we will use applied improvisation activities that bring humour, warmth and spontaneity into the coaching space. 

After each activity we reflect on the experience so you can learn, unlearn and relearn valuable skills, habits and behaviours that let you feel and perform your best.

Just drop us a line if you’d like to fly solo with Here & Now.

Where should we start?

Building your confidence

Do you want to be half a shade braver?

Let’s practice staying calm and present so you can handle low grade social ‘threats’ from a place of natural confidence and capability.

Improving your relationships

Do you want better connections with others?

Let’s explore and work on listening skills, presence, using humour to connect, accepting others (and ourselves) for deeper connection.

Leading from the front

Do you want to inspire others?

Let’s open up your awareness of the choices you make as a leader (consciously or otherwise) and build greater fluency with nonverbal ‘status’ behaviours. 

Being half a shade braver

Do you want to truly commit to something?

Let’s practice stepping boldly into the unknown and uncertain with low-stakes activities, so you can rise to the level of your practice in the moment.

Learning to let go

Do you want to share control with others?

Let’s use playful activities to explore your willingness to change and share control so it starts feeling easier.

Tolerating uncertainty

Do you want to keep moving no matter what?

Let’s expand your tolerance for uncertainty step-by-step and put self-trust into action. You might come to love stepping into the unknown!

"All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”
Sean O’ Casey

What's it like?

We will be dancing in the moment with you. Always learning. Always curious. Here’s what to expect:


Get in touch to see if we have a chemistry match.

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