Speaking with audiences

Get people talking

We love engaging with audiences and putting ideas in motion.

We’ve delivered 100’s of interactive talks for large audiences on how to bring the arts, sciences, tech and wellbeing together to inspire engagement and improve performance in healthy, happy workplaces.

As experts in combining improv-based training with story and mindfulness we offer a fresh perspective that is playfully serious and seriously playful.

Interactive real-life learning

We won’t make ourselves the ‘sage on the stage’ and hog the airwaves.

With the minimum of preamble we’ll get people laughing, creating and cooperating rather than just listening. Talking is good: doing is better. So we share simple ideas, personal stories and fun, interactive activities that offer immediate ways to improve confidence, connection, communication, curiosity, creativity and collaboration.

We’ll work closely with you to understand the audience and where we fit into the bigger picture to land a message and tone that is just right for your audience.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

More than an art form, improvisation is a craft that gets the job done.

It’s not about what you do when you’ve run out of options- it’s what you do to create better options and make better choices.

It can become the go to approach for bringing the highest levels of presence, expertise and intelligence into the moment. The US Marines know this and it’s captured in their unofficial slogan: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. In this talk we will explore how the craft of improvisation leads to better performance in the workplace and underpins the fulfilment of profound shared purpose.

Nature’s playbook

We’re running out of time to address some of the major challenges on humanity’s plate.

We need a more fluid approach, in line with the generative and regenerative patterns of interaction in the natural and living world.

Surprisingly, the ability to improvise well in everyday life is one of the hidden keys to this revolution in the way we connect, influence and create. Using improv-based, fun, interactive activities as a social technology we’ll demonstrate what’s possible when you connect people, tech and nature in fluid networks. It’s a nature-based strategy for transformation.

Be here now

Being fully present in the moment allows us to access the highest levels of social, emotional and creative intelligence.

It’s an ability we use to great effect in many parts of our lives: with our friends, family, pets and favourite activities.

But the stresses and pressures in the workplace mean that we don’t always show up with calm, centred presence in everyday life that means we’re ready to respond ito what’s happening with intelligence anytime, anywhere. In this talk we’ll reclaim the value of improvising in the workplace – bringing to life the principles and skills improvisers use to step boldly into the unknown.


Other topics include

Generative teamwork – how the best teams go beyond the norm
Humour in meetings – using laughter to connect, reframe and let go
Idea-friendly workplaces – openness, diversity and belonging
Group flow – playing at the edge of human performance
How to adapt – three simple ideas that create momentum

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