An improviser calls

We are all improvising, all of the time. It’s what makes life happen in real-time, and it creates a world full of choices, options and possibilities. And yet are we improvising well? Are we taking life’s opportunities? Are we bringing other people with us? Are we being here & now when it matters? To improvise […]

Beyond the art

Improvisation covers a number of art forms from jazz, dance, and contact improv through to improv comedy and theatre. It usually makes us think of talented, clever people who have some kind of extra ability to do things without a plan, script, or musical score. But it’s more than an art form. The ability to […]

The high wire

One of the main things that holds people back from taking an improvisation class, and a more improvisational approach to life, is fear and anxiety. As learning designers and facilitators we are SUPER tuned in to this. Cultivating trust and safety is the essential first step in everything we do. We all know the feelings […]

I know.

Jill Bernard’s Cute Little Book of Improv has a memorable idea: that we all walk around with imaginary placards that say ‘Perpetual self-doubt.’ This was true for me for a long time and cost me in quite a few opportunities not taken, relationships that didn’t grow and roads left untravelled. Doubt has it’s value of […]

Improvising in flow

Improvisation can be seen as the art of creating flow. It’s a way of connecting feelings, ideas and moments to create momentum. I learned this idea that improv is about momentum from Kelly Leonard at Second City, and I find it really helpful in the classroom, on stage and in everyday life. Momentum is something […]

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