An improviser calls

We are all improvising, all of the time. It’s what makes life happen in real-time, and it creates a world full of choices, options and possibilities. And yet are we improvising well? Are we taking life’s opportunities? Are we bringing other people with us? Are we being here & now when it matters? To improvise […]

Beyond the art

Improvisation covers a number of art forms from jazz, dance, and contact improv through to improv comedy and theatre. It usually makes us think of talented, clever people who have some kind of extra ability to do things without a plan, script, or musical score. But it’s more than an art form. The ability to […]

Go figure

Spot the connection… ‘Cause finally the tables are starting to turn,Talkin’ about a revolution.Tracey Chapman Do what you canwith what you have.Nothing more is needed.Rick Rubin Adaptability, not efficiency, must become our new central competency.Stanley McChrystal Eye-opening conversations on participatory, prosperous and peaceful societies that nurture rather than degrade the environment.Nafeez Ahmed The last one […]

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